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May 23-26 Weekend Recap

Long weekends are so few! But I really do love getting that extra day with Matt.

This weekend was soooo tiring. Hahaha. But it was still a lot of fun!

1. It started with going strawberry picking on Friday! Matt and I went to

Oliver Farms

last year to have our first strawberry picking experience. However, this year I went with a friend from church. I had a blast with Debbie walking and talking while finding the perfect strawberries. Plus, you just can’t get better strawberries in the store. These are perfectly ripe and fresh. So delicious!

2. I spent a lot of time in a car this weekend! I assisted

Karen Allen

at one of her weddings on Saturday. The wedding was in Haymarket, though, which meant I would be traveling over 6 hours in one day. Yikes! I even went through my first sobriety checkpoint on my way home! Hahaha. But it is so worth it to gain experience and to watch Karen in action again. I am learning sooo much from her and am so thankful to her for everything she’s done for me! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more, I would not be where I am today without her. Thank you, Karen!

3. I spent even MORE time in a car on Monday. Matt and I went with some friends from church to IKEA in Woodbridge. I saw I95 a lot this weekend! Haha. We left IKEA with a lot more than we planned… hahaha. But I’m really excited to see the new pieces in our condo! We’ve been struggling with finding storage for over a year now and I think that the pieces we picked out will help with our clutter issues. Other than finding storage pieces, we got a few more decorative items for our home! Yay! We FINALLY have pillows for our couch!! Granted, they don’t go with the couch, but one day will have a new couch that will match the pillows. Haha.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. I’ve just been exhausted since Saturday! Haha. Sunday I spent a lot of time sleeping. And last night I fell asleep on the couch and barely remember getting from the couch to the bed. Haha.

Thankfully I have this coming weekend off before a crazy stretch of weddings in June. I’m looking forward to getting to spend a Saturday with Matt since they have been few here lately. Maybe we’ll do something special. Or maybe we’ll just relax. Haha. We’ll see!

But I hope you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend! Yay for a short work week! Have a great Tuesday, y’all! Tomorrow a gorgeous military-inspired wedding will be hitting the blog, so be sure to check back to see Josh and Sarah!!

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