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My day job is a wedding photographer, but my life consists of so much more than weddings. Here on my lifestyle blog, you’ll learn a lot more about me personally away from the camera. I love Jesus, being a wife, crafting, cooking, growing things, and so much more. I’ll document my heart here and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

May 16-19 Weekend Recap

I feel like I say this every Monday, but this weekend was really busy! Haha.

1. Matt and I finally finished one of our projects! Back in April, we took apart our bookcases to paint them white. After several coats and weeks of drying time, plus a search for the right fabric, we finally put everything together! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. And they look great against the gray walls. I’m not 100% happy with the decor and it’s placement, but that will evolve over time. But for now, it is a breath of fresh air in our condo.

2. Despite the weekend being busy, Matt and I took time to have a date on Friday night. We went to Park Lane Tavern in the Peninsula Town Center. Matt and I had been there before and really enjoyed our experience, so we went back. Sitting in restaurants with Matt is comical for me because we spend a lot of time sitting in silence. I love that about being married. We don’t have to have a conversation going on all the time and just enjoy being next to each other. Sometimes, I like to think that people watching us think that we’re on a really awkward first date. Hahaha. But maybe not. It’s just amusing to think about.

3.  I had the opportunity to second shoot with Karen Allen again this weekend. I know I link her and talk about her all the time, but she seriously is awesome! #3 photo is the sneak peek she posted on her Facebook from the wedding Saturday! How gorgeous is that?! She is so talented! Definitely be sure to check out her


to see more sneak peeks and more of her amazing work!

4. On Sunday, I went to a friend’s bridal shower. It was the first shower I’ve attended at our new church and it was really fun to continue to get to know the women of the church. I am so incredibly thankful for the community we’ve found here and the relationships we’ve made.

Weekends are both really fun and really tiring for me. Haha. But I love my job and am so thankful I get to do something I love. I also love our church family and even if it is super hard to get up on Sunday mornings after a wedding, I wouldn’t miss it. What a wonderful God we have that gives us so much joy.

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