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My day job is a wedding photographer, but my life consists of so much more than weddings. Here on my lifestyle blog, you’ll learn a lot more about me personally away from the camera. I love Jesus, being a wife, crafting, cooking, growing things, and so much more. I’ll document my heart here and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Love for Art

When I was young and was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my response was that I wanted to be an artist. In elementary school, I was told that I had a talent for drawing. I would carry a sketch pad with me everywhere and would just sit and draw. It was one of my favorite passtimes.

Unfortunately for me as I and my classmates got older, everyone else’s artistic skill caught up to mine and my “talent” seemed to disappear. But it was around this time (5th grade) that I started to dream “big” and decided I wanted to be an author, astronomer, or actress (apparently I had a thing for careers with an “a” haha).

Throughout school though I never lost my interest in art. I always enjoyed a good doodle, play, or concert. I loved band and music. I also loved acting and was in the school play. I was a big fan of the arts, even if my drawing skills were lacking. Haha.

In college, I had two wonderful artistic internships. I interned for artist

Karen DeSpot

one summer. I loved watching her teach and create. It was so neat to see beautiful art being created! The next summer I had an internship at

Piedmont Arts

, a local art gallery in Martinsville. There I was surrounded by art and creatives (both artists and business women). Not only did I get to see exhibits come and go through the gallery, but I got to create art too. It was so fun! I also got to wear really fun, creative outfits! Haha. I displayed my colorful shoe collection a lot that summer. 🙂

Now post-college, I am pursuing that original dream of being an artist! It’s just in a different form than what I originally thought. And that’s awesome!

Since Matt and I have a home now, I love displaying art of all forms! Especially pieces that have meaning.

This piece is one of two paintings Matt’s great-grandfather created. The other will be in our gallery wall once we get that up! I think it’s so cool that we can preserve memories of family through their artwork, even if we never met him. 

This piece is the newest addition to our art collection. It was a gift from my mom for my birthday and was painted by

Karen DeSpot

! I’m a big fan of Van Gogh since working at Piedmont Arts, and I love this interpretation of Starry Night. I’m so excited to have a Karen DeSpot piece in my home! One day I’d love to have more of her incredible work on our walls (whenever we have more wall space!)!

And of course, we have a ton of

Karen Allen Photography

art in our home. 🙂 

And lastly since I’m an artist myself, we have to display some of my own photography! 

I’m so excited to slowly add to our collection! Who are your favorite artists? And what do you have hanging in your home? 

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