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Our Third Year Anniversary Portraits

Earlier this week I was thinking of upcoming blog posts and it hit me: I had never officially shared our anniversary session on my blog!!! What?!?! Seriously?! How have I not done that yet? I have looked through these images dozens of times. I have printed copies for our home. I even have them saved in 4 separate places including my desktop AND laptop. There is literally no excuse as to why I haven’t posted these gorgeous images other than me being the worst photographer ever. Haha. Well, not quite, but for someone who is a huge believer in not only getting professional quality images of yourself made, but also sharing them, then I actually did drop the ball, so I apologize. 

Despite my negligence in properly sharing these images, I LOVE them. I mean, I love our wedding images. They captured our wedding day which is obviously incredibly important! But these images really speak to my heart. Matt and I had not gotten professional portraits taken (other than a quick mini session last spring and photos for a Christmas card) since our engagements back in 2012! So I knew that before I cut my hair and for our 3 year anniversary, I wanted to do a real, full session. 

I knew from the start I wanted these photos to happen at my grandparent’s home. I have always loved Stanley, VA, especially River’s Bend Road. The views from my grandparent’s street always take my breath away: Pastures filled with cows, little vegetable gardens in the fields, and mountains both in front and behind. It’s so beautiful. I’d say it’s my happy place. And as with everyone, people age and move on and I don’t know how much longer I’ll frequently visit that part of the world and wanted to document it in all it’s natural, majestic beauty as I remember it.

I also figured that since my hair and makeup would be done that I should have a few new headshots taken to actually fit with my brand. So I searched and searched to find a purple dress. It is SO hard to find! There are a few deep purple dresses out there, but finding an amethyst/lavender dress was nearly impossible! Lo and behold ModCloth came to my rescue and had this dress. It looked like the perfect style for me. And while the dress doesn’t fit that well, we made it work with fashion tape and safety pins. It’s also a little too “shiny” but again, photos hide a lot of that well.

And since this was also an anniversary session, I wanted to incorporate a few things that Matt and I enjoy together as a couple like playing Ticket to Ride and drinking Coke. We don’t always play Ticket to Ride in a field on a blanket. Haha. It actually usually looks like us sitting on the couch with our phones playing via the app over the wifi and drinking Coke usually happens when we’ve just made cheeseburgers and are sitting at the table watching Youtube videos. But this was just more “picturesque.” 😉

It also worked out that our wedding photographer and my dear friend, Karen, was able to venture out to Shenandoah and do them for us! I love her and her work and it was so nice to be able to spend that time with her.  

So, all those things combined made this session extra special for us and something we will enjoy for many years to come! I hope you enjoy seeing a different side to me when I’m actually in front of the camera for a change!

I’ll start with the picture that is my desktop background! All the heart eyes. 

I feel so lame for saying this about a simple “look here and smile” photo, but it’s one of my absolute favorites! I love Matt’s smile. 🙂

I love this one as well. Walking hand-in-hand with my love in this beautiful area. Take me back.

Here’s a little behind the scenes for you. Remember when I said the dress didn’t fit the greatest? Well here’s Matt repining the safety pin and untangling my hair from it… what we do for fashion, eh? 

Then we changed outfits and were greeted by these friendly fellas! I love the country.

Another one of my favorites. These colors are just perfect! Matt and I might not have the greatest of luck when it comes to having sunny days for our portrait sessions (it was overcast for our engagements, our Christmas card photos, mini session, AND this day) but we’ve always lucked out in the color department when it comes to fall leaves!

And one final all-time favorite from the day. I have this one framed as an 11×14 on our bookcases. I just love those mountains and the man holding me.

I thought this image was a great one to represent how Matt and I work. Hahaha.

Oh what a lovely afternoon we had and all the wonderful memories of our third year that run through my mind as I reminisce. We have been incredibly blessed and I am so thankful for where the Lord has put us in this life. I’m excited for the future and am so glad to have this man along side me. 

Vendor Credits:

Location | Rivers Bend Ranch + surrounding area
Photographer | Karen Allen
Hair Stylist | Ashley Shaw
Dress | Modcloth
Shoes | Toms
Lace top | Belk
Matt’s attire | who knows! lol
Ticket to Ride | Matt’s sister!
Cokes in a glass bottle | Target

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