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October 17-20 Weekend Recap

Another busy fall weekend is on the books for 2014. Our weekend recap:

If you missed my blog post Friday, you should totally go back and

read it

. It’s a little sappy, but it’s definitely worth the read. If not at least worth a look at young Matt and Karyn. Haha.

This was the first weekend Matt had “off” in a long time! Poor thing, he was so tired of having busy weekends that when I asked him if we had anything to do Friday night he responded with “Yes. Nothing.” Hahaha. He planned to do nothing. Too funny.

While it was an off weekend for Matt, it wasn’t for me! I second
shot a wedding in Yale, Virginia on Saturday with

Alexis Jones Photography

! One of the things I love about second shooting is getting
to meet new photographers and seeing how they work. It’s always an honor
for someone to invite me to second with them because they are trusting
me to represent their business AND to give them quality work! It was a great experience! 

And while we did spend a lot of time relaxing Friday and Sunday, we were still quite the busy bees!

1. Matt is hard at work hanging everything for our gallery wall! To say this has been a long process would be an understatement. It’s taken me a year to find the right shapes, sizes, and colors for all the items. Matt has been very patient with me as most of these things have been spread out on our living room floor for months. I would arrange them, then rearrange them, then change out the photos, then paint the frames, then take out some and put in new. Ah! It’s been quite something. Haha. But now that we’ve pretty much gotten everything to our liking, the items are finally getting put on the wall!! This is a slow process because Matt likes to do things precisely (that’s the engineer in him). So hanging each item is quite the task to not only make sure it will securely hang but to make sure it is in line with all the other items AND hangs straight! Haha. What an incredibly patient and hard-working husband I have! 🙂

I’ll share more about this project in the future.

2. While Matt has been hard at work on the gallery wall, I was doing my own project: creating this fun fall wreath! I am in love with it! And despite how tedious it looks, it was actually super easy! So easy, that I didn’t even take pictures of the process because it was too simple. Haha. There will be more about this project in the future too!

It’s funny because even though I “work” on the weekends, I still look forward to them! I love getting to see my husband between 7am-4pm, even if it’s just for a few hours. I love going to church and fellowshiping with our church family. And I love my job. I love getting to capture precious moments on a once-in-a-lifetime day when so many people have come to celebrate the union of two people. It’s such an honor.

I hope you have a lovely week! And definitely check back later this week for an insanely beautiful Martinsville engagement session! 

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