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New camera, lens, and flash!

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, then you know some BIG things have happened in my business life over the past few weeks. 

I’ve had my current camera since 2010. After shooting my brothers senior portraits with my little point-and-shoot Kodak EasyShare camera, I had my eyes set on a real DSLR to see what I could actually do with photography.

I read, researched, talked with friends and professionals and decided upon the Nikon D5000. My parents were so generous as to give it to me as a gift for Christmas (thanks, mom and dad!), and since then I’ve hardly put it down.

My little D5000 has done so much for me.

It’s been with me since the beginning. All my engagement sessions, bridal portrait sessions, senior sessions, family sessions, even my first 4 weddings! 

My D5000 has been across the country to California and back. It’s traveled to DC, Atlanta, the Outer Banks, Rehoboth Delaware, and many places in-between. It’s seen a lot of the Virginia Tech campus and the shenanigans that happen there. It clung to my side every day of 2012 as I took a picture-a-day for the whole year.

It has been an awesome starter camera.

Unfortunately over the last 4-6 months, I’ve been super disappointed with my camera’s performance and image quality. After everything I’ve learned: all the hours of reading and studying and practicing, I could never get my images exactly how I envisioned them. And on top of that, my camera started doing strange things like freezing up during sessions, which of course would happen at the best candid moments!

Then, I had the opportunity to use a friends full-frame camera and loved it. The images were so crisp and clear. It was then, I decided that if I seriously wanted to pursue a career in photography that I needed to get a full-frame.

After researching, I decided that I wanted a Nikon D700. The catch though, is that this camera has been discontinued, so the hunt for a gently used D700 was on! Matt and I researched and searched electronic stores, camera retailers, online dealers. Anywhere and everywhere we looked for a camera. Unfortunately, we arrived at many dead-ends.

Then one day my friend Dani, of

Dani White Photography

, Facebook messaged me a craigslist link to a photographer selling a D700 “in excellent condition”. After reading the ad, emailing the seller, and looking through the posted photos, I knew that it was the camera for me!

Matt and I traveled to a Burger King near Kings Dominion to meet


, the seller. She was super kind and helped me with the different buttons, since they were incredibly different from my D5000. It was love at first sight. It sat in my lap the whole way home!

I am so excited for what the future holds for my photography now that I have a full-frame!

The purchase of a full-frame camera also led to the purchase of a full-frame capable lens. The 35mm 1.8 lens I had been using is built to work on a crop sensor camera and no matter what body I would put it on, it would always act like a crop. So I purchased the 50mm 1.4G. The few photos I have taken with it are BEAUTIFUL! I love it already! I can hardly wait for my next session!

But to add on just one more thing, I knew that if I was to pursue wedding photography that I would need an OCF (off-camera-flash). Again I started researching (seems like something I do a lot, huh? haha), and decided on the SB-700! I am also incredibly looking forward to practicing with it and seeing a huge difference in my reception photos.

We’ve also made several software purchases (Lightroom and Blogstomp), gotten new memory cards and batteries, and paid business legalization fees, but those aren’t nearly as exciting as the new gear! Haha.

So here’s to all the big financial, emotional, and legal changes that have been happening! 2014 is going to be a great year!

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