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Natural Fall Wreath DIY

I love doing crafts! It’s something that I find so fun and relaxing. Now that it’s officially “off season” I have lots more time to do them and blog what I’ve been working on!

Ever since we moved into our condo, I’ve wanted to hang a wreath on our door. I’ve hung wreaths in our entryway and even on our patio gate, but one has never made it on our front door!

Back in October, the ladies ministry at our church had a craft night to make fall wreaths! So I went to Pinterest and found this cute, natural fall wreath. I gathered acorns, pinecones, various nuts, and other natural materials to glue onto my wreath form. I decided not to do the bows like the one online. I like the more natural, simple look.

It was a really simple project! You just gather all your resources and then hot glue them onto your wreath form.

I think it looks so good on our front door!

The nice thing about this wreath is that it’s so simple it can be used for both fall and winter! I even think it looks great with our Christmas doormat!

Because this project was just so simple, I didn’t take pictures of each step. But you basically just start with a hay wreath form and glue whatever items you want to it! 

The tutorial I found on Pinterest [was in Russian! and] said to use a styrofoam wreath form. Styrofoam has a tendency to shatter when it’s dropped or so I found out the hard way! I actually made 2 of these wreaths. One with styrofoam and one with hay. The styrofoam wreath fell and shattered into 4 pieces. I did end up gluing them back together, but the wreath wasn’t strong enough to hang at that point. So I decided to make another to actually hang.

I couldn’t just throw out the old one. I put a lot of time and even pain into that wreath! (Hot glue gun burn! So painful!) And I just couldn’t throw it away. So I decided to just sit it on the top of one of my bookcases for now. I actually like it there. It helps add depth and a natural element to the shelves. And with the other wreath outside, it gives a little bit of an overall theme of the holiday decor which I like as well. Haha.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I am very eager to start decorating for Christmas! It is by far my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to share all the fun crafts I have planned! Have a wonderful weekend!

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