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My day job is a wedding photographer, but my life consists of so much more than weddings. Here on my lifestyle blog, you’ll learn a lot more about me personally away from the camera. I love Jesus, being a wife, crafting, cooking, growing things, and so much more. I’ll document my heart here and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

January 23-25 Weekend Recap

I am seriously enjoying every ounce of this off season, even if that means not leaving our house. I love it! Our weekend recap:

1. So this first thing probably seems strange, but it was a huge part of my weekend. A large portion of my childhood was spent as a NASCAR fan, but really it was just more of a Jeff Gordon fan. My family would watch each race, visit Martinsville Speedway during race weekend, and even stand outside in the cold while the drivers were testing just to get a glimpse of our main man JG. We’ve been JG fans since the late 90s, and last week, he announced that 2015 would be his last full season. Watching Jeff race was such a constant in my life back in middle and high school. He was there racing every Sunday and now, that’s ending and it makes me really nostalgic and sad. I may have shed a tear or two (or a dozen, but that’s beside the point). And now I’ve just spent an entire paragraph on my public photography blog being sentimental about Jeff Gordon… yes, I am that cool.

On to the next one!

2. Matt and I have a room in our house that is supposed to be a guest room, but it’s really more of a storage room with a bed in it to lay things on. Anyone else with me on this? Haha.

Well this weekend, Matt and I finally took out some of the boxes that had old notebooks and textbooks from college. Reading through some of that was a little depressing… why? Because we don’t remember any of it! We graduated less than 3 years ago, how can that leave so quickly? Oh well. I like to think that we’ve replaced that knowledge with more useful things like cooking without needing to measure everything and compromising with your spouse to keep the peace. You know, life things. Haha.

Anyway, that was fun and has created just a little bit more space in our storage room… I mean guest room. 😉

3. Man this post is going to be one for the record books not because it’s long (which it is) but because it’s basically me confessing all about my nerdiness.

Matt and I don’t have cable, so we watch a lot of Minecraft Youtube videos as I’ve told you guys before. But we also branch out to watch Twitch sometimes and watch video game speedruns. Yes, you read that correctly. Matt and I watch people play video games while they try to beat them as quickly as possible. We are cool, I promise.

But that’s what we did on our Saturday and Sunday while sitting in our pjs. It was wonderful.

4. I just love dawn. It’s my favorite time of day and I wish I was more of a morning person so I could experience it every single day. Matt left for work early this morning, so he was my motivation to get up and watch the sun slowly enter our window. It was a great beginning to my work week!

I’m so sorry to all my readers who now think that I’m absolutely the lamest person they know. It’s ok. I probably am and that makes me happy!

I hope you also had a great weekend! Have a lovely week, my friends!

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