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Handling the Unexpected

Whew! This last week has been a little bizarre.

First lets start with this unexpected crazy snow storm. I mean, when is the last time a large portion of the east coast was covered with several feet of snow? Granted, we didn’t get any lasting snow here, but we are in the small minority of the east coast.

While we didn’t have snow, the major cities around us DC, Richmond, and Charlotte did get significant snowfall. Normally this wouldn’t matter to me, but that caused some major delays and cancellations of flights that did affect the wedding I had booked for last Saturday! The bride was flying in from South Korea and her family was flying in from Washington State. Needless to say all their flights were delayed and cancelled causing the need to postpone their wedding celebration. Despite missing family and friends, the couple decided to go ahead and have a small ceremony with close, local friends and family while Skyping in the bride’s parents via cell phone. The bride and groom had a long distance relationship and were both planning to move to South Korea this week! The groom had already quit his job, packed his things, and bought a one-way plane ticket so as the bride said, “there was no way [they] weren’t getting married.” Haha. So I had the opportunity to shoot their beautiful, intimate ceremony. It was so sweet and those photos will be shared soon.

The winter storm also delayed the delivery of a rented lens I was supposed to receive in time for the wedding. That whole process was very disappointing and frustrating, but you just have to learn to handle the unexpected.

Then personally, we’ve had some unexpected things happen as well.

One night last week at about 1:30am while Matt and I were asleep, Matt suddenly jumped in his sleep, rolled over, and dove toward the floor. He made his way to his feet after finding the wall in the dark, and grabbed his left elbow saying, “Ouch.” It has been a week long process of figuring out what happened and what was wrong with his elbow. The orthopedist diagnosed it as a hairline fracture. Thankfully, he doesn’t need a surgery or a cast, but he can’t lift anything heavier than a “Coke can” and overall just needs to “take it easy” on his left arm. Matt has a history of sleep walking, sleep talking, and falling out of bed as a child, so it apparently wasn’t anything new (except for me, the person sleeping next to him!). So I’ll just have to keep an eye on him at night since I’m a super light sleeper. Let’s just hope he doesn’t dive toward the floor again anytime soon.

So yes, the past week has been crazy and full of unexpected events. Let’s hope that the next week is nice and boring! Haha. Happy Wednesday! 

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