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Greg & Sarah Beth: Vibrant Lake Lanier Engagement Session

Sometimes when you live in a small town for your whole life, you think you know all the “pretty places.” Well, that was definitely not the case for me! It wasn’t until college, after living in Martinsville for 20 years, that I found this cute little gem in the heart of a Martinsville neighborhood. I immediately fell in love with it’s natural and simple beauty and have dreamed of shooting there someday.

Enter Greg and Sarah Beth! From the moment I got Sarah Beth’s first email explaining how excited she was that I was available for her wedding and to be getting married to her best friend, I was SUPER looking forward to her and Greg’s engagement session.

You see, Sarah Beth also lived in Martinsville and while I didn’t know her personally, I still knew her because she has a fashion blog. Seriously, she totally does! I started following Two Little Bells in college. To me, it was so cool that two small town “bells” were making this blog happen in my hometown. And their outfits were so cute! I loved reading their posts and seeing what new outfits they put together!

So, you see why I was super, super excited for their engagment session?! I knew Sarah Beth would be adorable and I couldn’t wait to see her interact with her groom-to-be. And the session completely did not disappoint! It was so hard to cull these images down to a reasonable number to put on the blog. I have waaayyy to many favorites and you’ll see why!

Greg and Sarah Beth are just one of the sweetest, cutest couples I’ve ever met. I love watching Greg make Sarah Beth laugh and how he sweetly he looks at her. I am beyond excited for their wedding day next May!

But to tide you over for now, here is an incredibly LONG post of my favorites from our time together at Lake Lanier!

I mean seriously, aren’t they adorable!! 

Favorite #1!

Sarah Beth, GIRL. I cannot wait to photograph you as a BRIDE!! Ahhh! 😀

In love with this ring shot! 

Favorite #2! I would totally hang this on a canvas. Just so lovely!

Loving Sarah Beth’s expression on the left! I promise, I’m not that funny. It had to be Greg… haha.

New favorite ring shot?!!

Favorite #3!

We had a perfect fall evening. Check out this tree!

Favorite #4!

Favorites # 5 & 6! Haha.

Another favorite ring shot!

Favorite #7!

And this is an all time favorite here! #8

Favorite #9!

These swans got so close! 

Favorite #10!

Favorite #11!

Right next to the lake, there is a golf course! Who knew small towns had golf courses in neighborhoods?! I thought that was a larger suburban thing. Crazy!

What amazing light! Favorite #12!

Favorite #13!

And I’ll end this post with another all-time favorite and #14! The light, location, expressions. Ah, so so beautiful. 

Greg & Sarah Beth, thank you so much for walking all around the lake with Matt and me! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and getting to watch your love. I am super excited for your wedding day next May! Let the 7 month wait begin! Haha.

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