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Brandon & Debra: Green Hill Park Salem Virginia Engagment Session

It’s no secret that my favorite time of day is dawn. There’s just something about the world becoming beautifully lit while the air starts to warm and rays of light peek over the horizon. Dawn is just so incredibly peaceful for me.

So when Brandon & Debra agreed to do a sunrise engagement session in the mountains, I was overly excited. If there’s two things this girl loves, it’s dawn and mountains. And we could not have asked for a more perfect morning. The clouds were beautiful, the breeze felt lovely, and Brandon & Debra have such a sweet, but goofy relationship that I totally fell in love with. They are two of the sweetest, God-fearing people you’d ever meet.

I know Debra from high school. Debra would visit my mom (who’s a teacher at our high school) quite frequently, so I was able to get to know her through her visits to Mrs. Lovern. 🙂  One semester we also had lunch together and it was wonderful to continue to get to know her.

Once Debra and Brandon started dating, I began to notice her Facebook statuses about how painful it was to leave Brandon for the week (since they live in different towns) and how she couldn’t help but cry each time they departed. Her words struck home for me because that’s exactly how I felt with Matt when we would have to depart for summers and school breaks. I hated being apart from him and just couldn’t help but cry! And it was then that I could tell that this boyfriend she found was going to be the one.

And here we are months later and they’re engaged AND making the blog look so, so lovely with their engagement pictures!

You know it’s going to be a good day when this is the starting location!

Brandon is quite the character, so there will be some funny photos throughout this post. I love them and love when my couples show their personality! 

An early favorite. Look at that sky!!

It was a perfect morning.

Classic! Favorite!

They had so many shots that just looked so classy in black and white, I couldn’t help but sprinkle them throughout this post too. I mean look at the love!

Debra put this little flower behind her ear and looked so adorable!


Here’s another one of those adding your own personality ones. Hahaha. There was actually a 5K happening at the park about an hour after we were leaving. But this wasn’t an ordinary 5K… this was a ZOMBIE 5K! We kept seeing people walking around in costumes and this was Brandon’s imitation of the zombies. Hahahaha. 

There’s just something about this image that I love.

Brandon asked if we could take a few pictures on the playground and OF COURSE I was totally up for that! I love these. They are so fun and colorful. 

Brandon & Debra, thank you so much for sharing a part of your love story with you. You are both incredibly beautiful people and I wish you both a lifetime of martial bliss!

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