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First Wedding Anniversary

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Karen Allen Photography

Sorry my blog has been so silent over the weekend, but that’s for good reason! Matt and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary yesterday!!

We took a little vacation to Rehoboth Beach. It was a lot of fun, and of course I took lots of pictures. That post will come later this week!

Today, I wanted to share a more personal blog post. It is very sappy, but also really fun.

One day this summer, Matt and I were talking about first dances. We chose not to do any dancing at our reception, but we started talking about what song would have been our first dance song.

I immediately knew what song we would have chosen:

I Just Knew

by Better Than Ezra.

When Matt and I were just friends, he introduced me to a lot of new music. One of the bands was Better Than Ezra. They had just released a new album and Matt sent it to me. He said, “The last track is my favorite.”

Now, me being a girl read into that and figured he was trying to tell me something from the last song. To my surprise, the last song was

I Just Knew

. After that, I figured that he just liked the song because there was no way he would say that about me. I mean, we were dating other people!

So I dismissed it, but also really liked the song.

Well, a year later we start dating and talking about that song again. I told him how I had read into it and he replied with, “I really wasn’t trying to hint at anything. Or at least, I don’t think I was.” Haha.

Regardless of that first intention with the song, everything for us worked out perfectly. And now that song is absolutely true for both of us. We just knew.

After that conversation, I decided to make a little video of pictures and videos for Matt as an anniversary gift. I shared it with him yesterday, so now I can share it with you! You can truly see our relationship progress and how much fun we have together. These moments bring back lots of wonderful memories.

And I know it’s a little faint in the video, but the last thing Matt says is, “That was a lot of fun. I want to do it again.” 🙂

God has blessed us so abundantly!

Also, thank you, Katy Martin, for capturing a lot of these moments.

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