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Editing: Before & After


Have you ever wondered why it takes weeks for a photographer to deliver your wedding photos? I mean, it’s just digital photography. You plug in the camera and get the files at the end of the night, right?


While the camera and lens used in capturing photos does play a huge role in the outcome of a photo, it’s really the editing or post-processing that really takes an image from that’s nice to wow, what a professional image!

Here are a few example of what I’m explaining: 

The camera and lens I chose gave this image bokeh and compression and I physically placed the couple in the left third of the frame. However, at this point the sun was setting quickly and the light was becoming much bluer and was decreasing by the second! But because of post processing, I was able to brighten and warm this image to be more true-to-life. Because while cameras have come a long way, they just cannot capture exactly what our eyes see.

I often hear from my clients that they want images with that “glowy” light. I love that because it is my favorite type of light! So we plan our sessions and portrait time around the time of the day (sunrise or sunset) that gives us this light. But even having dreamy, beautiful light doesn’t just make the image pop. Yes, the light above is natural and the 85mm lens adds compression and bokeh, but it’s really the post processing that makes this image go from a pretty bride on path to wow that bride looks like she’s glowing!

And finally here is a detail shot. When I go to into bridal suites the first thing I do is scout the location near the window. I want to use the natural light to capture the bride’s details. It makes such a huge difference! Here, the lens I used didn’t add much compression because while the focus is on the bouquet, I wanted the dress to also be featured behind. However, the directional light coming from the window on the right adds dimension and depth to this image. Alone, it looks ok. It’s a cleverly composed photo of bouquet on a chair in front of the dress. But it’s the post processing that again makes this image look professional, classic, and timeless.  

The topic of post-processing is very complex and technical, and this post is not meant to address either of those subjects. It’s just to give you a peak at what post processing really means for me and why I don’t just dump the files from a wedding day onto my computer and into the wedding gallery the same night. It takes time to edit each image and make sure the photo looks as true to the scene as possible. And that looks different for each image in each lighting, location, and angle. 

All the above images were shot in RAW and edited using Lightroom. 

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