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Branding: Bridal Hanger Gift

During this off season and before I kick off my first real year of photography, I’ve been thinking about branding.

I read this


by Jasmine Star about investing in your photography business. This line really stuck out to me, “In a sea of talented photographers, I think it’s important to not just
stand on the strength of a portfolio, but also showcase the artist
behind the lens.”

I’ve been prioritizing camera and lens purchases, and while that is really important, I also need to spend some time focusing on my brand and client experience. What makes me unique?

While thinking about branding and what makes me different, I couldn’t help but think about my love for DIY crafts. When I have friends who get married, I always love thinking of a creative, crafty gift to make them. And while that is a lot of fun, it would be difficult to do something like that for each client because everyone has their own unique style. One size does not fit all.

But one gift that is universal is a bridal hanger!

Not only are they cute, but a bridal hanger is something simple that can make a huge difference in your photos! I have shot weddings where the only available hanger was the plastic one that came with the dress, and while the dress shot is still beautiful, the hanger just adds an extra touch of elegance.

I made one for my wedding and since have made some for friends. It’s such a fun and creative gift!

So I’ve decided that as a gift to my brides, I’m going to make them each a bridal hanger! It’s something fun and personal that will enhance their photos and overall wedding experience.

Over the past year, I’ve made several hangers for both brides and bridesmaids. Each time I make a new hanger it gets better! I look back at the hanger I made for myself and I cringe a little. Haha. It looks awful!

Here is a picture of the hanger that my dress is still hanging on today! I said it looked awful… haha. But it got the job done and did make my wedding dress shots look more elegant!

This summer, my sister-in-law got married, and while she was given a bridal hanger for her dress by a friend, she asked me to do hangers for her bridesmaids. They turned out much better! I even got Matt to drill holes in the hangers so that the wire wouldn’t be visible.

Then this fall, Matt and I have a friend from college who got engaged, so I made a hanger for his future bride. I mailed that hanger, so I tied a little note to it. I think it turned out really well!

A great improvement! Haha.

I have a wedding booked for Feb 2014, and will be making Emma’s hanger very soon!

I’m really excited about this idea! I know it’s small and I know it’s not a huge deal, but I really think it speaks a lot about me and how I want to run my business. I want each bride to feel special and loved because I truly appreciate each one of them and treasure their friendship! 

I’ll be doing a few more branding posts this winter as I make decisions about my business. It’s a fun and exciting time at KJP. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

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