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Travel: Phoenix, Arizona

I blogged John & Michele’s anniversary pictures last week. This week, though, I wanted to share with you a few of the personal pictures I took while visiting them in Arizona!

It’s so hard for me to balance taking photos for fun and as my job. Prior to doing photography full time, I was always taking photos. I even carried my camera around with me every day in 2012 to take a photo every day! But now that I’m spending most Saturdays photographing weddings, I just don’t pull out my real camera anymore. And that makes me sad and happy sometimes!

So this whole trip was a balance between using my professional camera or just using my phone. You’ll see both in this post as I tried to document my time on the west coast!

The trip started out on Sunday morning and I flew over Carrollton! I could see my house from up there… which I may find more fun than it actually is. Haha.

As soon as I got to Phoenix, the adventures started! Michele found a baby rabbit stuck in their pool skimmer! Thankfully, John was able to fish it out while it was still alive! They put him in a box with some food to calm down and dry off. Then we released him back into a nearby park. What a cute little bunny!

The next day, Michele and I drove up to Sedona to see the red rocks and to go on a hike. Being the intelligent woman that I am, I forgot my camera strap. So who hiked 3 miles while carrying their camera bag? This girl! But I’d say it’s worth it to grab some of these shots. So gorgeous!

One of my new favorite photos, ever. It’s just perfect with those looming rain clouds.

I am a big fan of Mexican food and Arizona sure has it’s share! Michele took me to this local joint, Two Hippies Tacos. Delicious! So much so that it deserves 3 pictures. Haha.

For my final day in Phoenix, we decided to do one more hike. Remember that mountain just around the corner from John and Michele’s home? Well that’s the one we decided to climb and goodness gracious was that difficult. It was probably only a 30-45 minute hike, but every second felt like death on such a steep incline. I am so not in shape to do that kind of hiking. Haha. But the views from the top were beautiful. Phoenix is such a neat city!

And this is the only physical evidence that I was actually in Phoenix. I’m not a selfie girl and completely forget to take photos of myself on trips. Haha. But I made Michele pose for me as I self timered this picture. We both look tired and sweaty and my bangs are weird, but I still love it. 

And of course no Phoenix post would be complete without a photo of a catcus.

Until we meet again, Arizona. Which will hopefully be soon. 🙂

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