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Welcome to the Karyn Johnson Photography blog! This blog is a well of information about all things photography and wedding! I began photographing weddings in 2011 and enjoy writing all about my wedding experiences. From pretty wedding pictures to day-of tips and tricks, you’ll find it all here!

Learning to Brand

As a lot of you know, I studied marketing in college. I took very specific classes like Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, Channels and Distribution, Buyer-Seller Relationships, Advertising, and many more. But a theme that all these classes carried was branding.

Branding was crucial in every aspect of marketing. It’s how the world, both consumers and potential consumers, sees a business. That view means everything. It can make or break you.

It’s been really cool to figure out my own branding, especially because I am branding myself! I’m not just branding someone’s company or product. I am branding me!

When you really start to explore yourself and figure out “who you are” and how you want to appear to the public, it can get a little tricky. There are so many things I enjoy, but I had to narrow it down to keep a consistent, unified look.

For example, I love colors. All colors. When people ask what my favorite color is I have to make a disclaimer and say that I love both yellow and purple. But I also very much love greens, aquas, blues, oranges, and neutrals. I simply can’t narrow it down to just one like other people can.

So, I started thinking about myself and how I could incorporate my likes and interest into my photography. I figured the best way to do that would be to start a

Pinterest Board


I’m not sure how it developed into what it is, but I really like it! I think my branding board really speaks to who I am as a photographer and captures a lot of my personality.

It has lots of things that I love: bright colors, plants and flowers, bows, crafts, and home decor. All pretty things!

I’m sure it will continue to evolve over time, but I’m really excited to one day hire a graphic designer to turn my brand into something amazing! But for now, I’ll just keep exploring and figuring out who I am and how I want to brand my photography business. It’s exciting!

Have you ever thought about branding yourself? How would you brand yourself?

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