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A Season of Change

The older I get and have more life experiences, the more I get to see how and why my life has ended up the way it has. I understand why certain things happen and how they’ve made me who I am today. It’s really neat to look back at how things have changed and realize how wonderful those changes ended up in the long run.

Fall is the time of year that makes me think of changes. Maybe it’s the changing weather or falling leaves, maybe it’s because it’s the start of the school year or the start of lots of programs, or maybe it’s just because of my own personal experiences in fall.

5 years ago today was the beginning of one of the best changes. It was the beginning of a season that I had no idea would last so long.

People say that nothing good happens after midnight, haha. And while I generally agree, I have one story that’s an exception. It was October 16, 2009, around 11:00PM when Matt Johnson and I went for an evening walk. We returned from that walk and reflection on the duckpond on October 17 at 4:00AM. And it was then, that this guy who I had liked for over a year asked me to be his girlfriend. It was a big change in both of our lives for many reasons. And that change has lead to many more changes, including marriage. I had no idea on that morning where saying yes to being Matt’s girlfriend would take us. And here, 5 years later we’re a month away from celebrating 2 years of marriage. We have a house, a car, a life TOGETHER. And it’s all just super amazing (I’m tearing up behind this keyboard!). I think back to the road that got us to where we are and while it wasn’t always fun or easy, I’m thankful for each step and God’s sovereign hand getting us to where we are.

These chilly October days (or not so chilly here in the 757), will always take me back to that fall, that night, and those memories.

I love you, Matt.

Thanks for bearing with me because I know I’ve told this story many times. But as the years go by, we meet new people who don’t know our story. They’ve seen the end result, but don’t know the beginning. And knowing the beginning shows just how wonderfully the Lord has worked our lives. It’s truly an incredible story of change and grace. Thank goodness I’m not the one in control.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Happy October 17th!

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