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A Practical Wedding Workshop with Abby Grace Photography

I’m generally a really introverted person. Working from home and seeing no one other than my husband for days doesn’t bother me at all. I like having alone, quiet time. As an introvert, I will even go so far to say Ineedthat to not go crazy!

But it’s equally important for a introvert like me to push themselves to be social! It’s easy to do on a wedding day when the focus is on the bride and groom and I’m behind a camera! But it is super hard when it comes to networking with other photographers!

I get so intimidated around other photographers! I see all of my work: the good and the ugly! But of other photographers work, I only see the good and I think that is what intimidates me.

This summer, Abby Grace announced that she was going to be hosting A Practical Wedding Workshop that would walk you through the processes she’s developed on a wedding day to help you feel more prepared and confident when you are on the job! I’ve always loved Abby’s work and thought the workshop description was spot on to what I needed. But I was super scared to sign up. That would mean I’d have to network with other photographers. I’d have to talk with them and shoot with them. How could I ever possibly do that?! It was really scary for me!

Enter Chelsea! Chelsea and I were acquaintances for a long time. We knew of each other through mutual friends, but never really had much of an opportunity to get to know each other. Well, Chelsea and I now live near each other and so through a step of faith, I friend requested her on Facebook (gasp! I know). After that initial hard-for-me first step, Chelsea and I started talking more. Through a series of conversations, we decided that we both wanted to do a workshop and that Abby Grace’s was the one!

Having her decide to go was a HUGE factor in me eventually taking the plunge too. Knowing just one person there made me feel a million times more comfortable! Thanks, Chelsea! 🙂

The workshop was amazing. I needed to hear just about everything that Abby had to say. Haha. All the way from her checklists to prepare for a wedding day, down to how she simply uses her tone of voice to direct her clients. It was all such good information.

And you know what? I had an absolute blast meeting the other photographers! They weren’t intimidating at all!! Everyone was so nice and friendly and HONEST. It was so awesome to hear that other people had questions and were struggling with the same things I was!

The workshop was truly a blessing and if you are a photographer thinking about investing in a workshop, I absolutely think you should do it! It is WORTH IT!

Ok, now that I’ve rambled on and on we’ll get to the part you were waiting for: the gorgeous pictures of Abby and her insanely attractive model couple Seamus & Alex!

We started the morning off by listening to Abby walk us through the process of each step of a wedding. Such helpful information!

And of course, it wouldn’t be an Abby Grace workshop without adorable mugs and hot tea!

Or delicious food.

Or a mug with a Harry Potter reference.

Serisously, Abby is adorable. 

Then for the afternoon, we headed to a Reston parking garage for a the styled shoot! The weather was seriously perfect: a gentle breeze and nicely diffused natural light! 

 Abby walked us through how she poses her couples.

And then let us take turns directing the couple ourselves.

Abby then went to do head shots for each of us and let the whole pack loose! Seamus & Alex were awesome so awesome! Can you imagine being surrounded by that many photographers? Haha.

But seriously, they were a dream to photograph! As you will see from my many favorites below!


Alex has the most adorably expressive laugh I’ve ever seen. 

When Abby was finished with head shots, she stepped back in to give us a few more pointers!

And just because we all know of my love affair with black and whites, here’s a few of those too!

Attending this workshop has been one of the biggest pushes to better my business and photography. I learned so much and am so excited to see what this knowledge will do to my business!

Abby, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being so transparent and honest with us. You are a joy to be around and I am beyond thankful for you!

Also, a huge thank you goes out to the vendors who made this day possible:

Bouquet & Boutonniere /

Floral & Bloom

Dress /

Heidi Elnora

Accessories /

Soliloquy Bridal

Hair & Makeup /

Alison Harper & Company

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