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Weekend Recap

A weekend that includes a wedding, an engagement session, 5 hours on the road, church, and errands makes for a tired Karyn. Which explains why this post is so late today. Sometimes the back of my eyelids calls and the productivity just has to wait. So without further ado, our weekend recap.

1. As I mentioned previously, I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend. It’s a normal occurrence these days. Thankfully, Matt joined me for some of the time and that always makes car rides more enjoyable. One of the trips we made this weekend was across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel! The first time I went across the bridge was in 2013 when Matt and I were traveling to Delaware. It’s such a long bridge!! I’m very thankful I don’t have a fear of driving over (or under) water. Otherwise, I don’t think I could live in Hampton Roads!

2. A Monday holiday was just what I needed after a busy working weekend. It was even more exciting because it gave Matt and I time to do some research and run some errands to add another new member to the KJP family! A SurfacePro3! I’ve been wanting a new laptop for some time now. Since I upgraded to the D750, I haven’t been able to use my laptop much for photography. The D750 files are just too large for my little 32 bit 2008 laptop. The process I had to get that laptop to work was something else, often involving waiting 6-10 hours to export a wedding! It was crazy! Matt built me my desktop in December and that has been amazing and will continue to be the workhorse for the bulk of my editing. But having this laptop will enable me to actually start working on the road instead of having to wait until I’m home! It’s going to be awesome!

So this blog post comes to you from the SurfacePro! I love being able to sit on the couch and blog again! I’m really excited to get all my programs set up so I can utilize this tool to it’s fullest!


No weekend recap after a busy weekend would be complete without sneak peeks!

I can’t wait to share more from Tim & Kendal’s Hanover Tavern wedding! It was a gorgeous day and Tim & Kendal could not have been sweeter together. Ah! So, so sweet! More to come soon! 

Spencer & Kelley’s engagement session may also be one of my new favorites! We had the perfect weather and locations, and Kelley’s outfit planning was excellent!! So gorgeous! More of their session will come soon too! So much prettiness coming to the blog! 

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