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My day job is a wedding photographer, but my life consists of so much more than weddings. Here on my lifestyle blog, you’ll learn a lot more about me personally away from the camera. I love Jesus, being a wife, crafting, cooking, growing things, and so much more. I’ll document my heart here and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Weekend Recap

A Tuesday weekend recap:

This weekend was the last of 4 weddings in a row for me. And it surely did not disappoint!! Christian & Kim’s peach and mint Roanoke wedding was so beautiful! Both their families and friends were overjoyed to celebrate their union. It was so much fun! I’ve known Christian, the groom, since high school and it is always so wonderful to see old friends not only get married, but to find their person. And that is absolutely true for Christian & Kim. What a great pair! But that’s enough babbling about them for now…. more of that in their actual blog post! Haha. 

My usual weekend recap talks about my weekend and then ends with a sneak peek of the weekend’s wedding or session. However this recap is going to be  a little different. 

You see, if you saw my Facebook status yesterday, you’ll know that I’m battling a case of strep throat. Strep is something that I get about once a year and that’s been happening since I was little. Since I know that happens to me, I usually can tell when it’s just a normal sore throat or if it’s something more. It hit me suddenly Sunday night, but something in me knew that this sore throat was different. Sure enough after confirmation for the doctor yesterday morning, I was right.

And while yes, being sick isn’t fun. This actually came at a great time.

As I stated before, this weekend marked the end of my 4 weddings in a row streak. I am so thankful this happened AFTER all those weddings and not in the middle! While I do still have 2 weddings to finish editing and deliver, that’s much more flexible than needing to be at the wedding to photograph it! 

This strep also came at a good time because it’s forcing me to relax. If I wasn’t sick, I would be hard at work emailing, culling, editing, filing, and the hundreds of other things that are on my to-do list. But feeling sick means lots of lying on the couch, napping, and not even turning on my desktop. And while I don’t have my own weddings coming up for a while, I have a lot of other things piled on my schedule like attending the Katelyn James and Amy and Jordan Demos Come Together Event and second shooting a double header this weekend in Nova! So that is even more of an incentive for me to take it easy this week so I can be better by Thursday! 

So all that was said to say that I’m actually thankful for this sickness. God knows what He’s doing, right?

I’m going to continue to take it easy today and tomorrow. That might mean a silent blog this week when I have a nearly finished wedding, a bridal portrait session, dozens of second shooting weddings, a workshop, and plenty of other material to blog. But I just need to rest and I’m going to extend myself some grace. I got so many comments from friends and clients alike saying to rest and get better. So that’s just what I’m going to do. 

Thanks for understanding and know that once I’m back up and running, there’s a lot of content coming your way!

Until then, enjoy the extra sneak peeks from this weekend. I’m excited to share more in the coming weeks! 

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