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Behind the Scenes 2015

It is that time of year when we think about everything that happened the last 12 months and plan for the upcoming year. I’d be remiss (and you’d be missing out on seeing these photos) if I didn’t share some behind the scenes photos from this year! 

Some of these are a tad hilarious. I look ridiculous when I photograph people. How in the world am I a professional if I look like this? Hahahaha. 

Enjoy the 2015 rendition of Karyn Johnson Photography’s “Behind the Scenes.”

We’ll start with the not so embarrassing.

Just shooting some beautiful couples portraits.

And some bridesmaids.

And some bridal party.

And some details. Not too bad!

But then I ask myself, why do I look like this when holding my camera. It looks like I’m ready to elbow someone with how high my arms are.

And why am I standing like this?

Apparently this is just how I stand. 

And sometimes people like to watch while I stand like this.

Sometimes you just have to get those detail shots via a chair.

Or via tip toes.

Or via the floor. For this reason, I always where shorts under my dresses.

Always! Haha.

And there are times at receptions when you get the hiccups and have to use your home remedy of a cup and a few drops of water.

Or you stand in as the official light tester with incredibly messy hair.

And because I don’t have a real rain coat, this HOKIES hoodie makes its very professional appearance on rainy days. 

Sometimes I try to be witty to make family formals fun. 

Sometimes I ask the bride to get ready in the most ridiculous spaces because of light. 

Then there are times when my husband comes with me to weddings and gets to watch me look ridiculous (and still love me afterward!). 

He sweetly holds my family formal list in the middle of all the wedding day craziness. 

He also patiently waits for me as I walk around grabbing those “extra shots” for blog posts. Hello HOKIES hoodie!

And is always there to hold my bag and flash his adorable Matt smile at me (because he loves having his photo taken). 

It’s been a wonderful year and I can’t wait to see what the 2016 wedding season brings! 

A huge thank you to my second shooters Naomi, Diana, Kathryn, Hillary, and Jenna for taking some of these! And to Karen for sending me photos of me second shooting! 

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