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2014 January Snowday

It has been YEARS since I’ve been sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. But as I posted

last week

, I just felt off. I had no motivation to do anything, but wasn’t sure why. Well on Friday morning I figured out why: I was sick. I woke up with an incredibly sore throat and knew it was time to go to the doctor. I ended up having a bacterial infection and have been on an antibiotic for the last week. Then on Monday, I woke up with an awfully stuffy nose and a little sinus pressure. It was not fun! But after sleeping a lot, drinking lots of tea, and eating soup, I believe I have come full circle! Yay! And it’s just in time to enjoy a fun snowday with my husband!

I love snow. I always have enjoyed how beautiful it is and how it seems to magically transform the landscape. I enjoyed a decent amount of snow living in southwest Virginia and then attending college in the mountains. However, living here in eastern Virginia we don’t see much snow. Well, that is until the past few weeks!

The official reports said that Suffolk got 9 inches and Newport News got 6 inches. We were somewhere in-between. It was so windy Tuesday night that some areas were deeper than others, so it really ranged anywhere from 6-9 inches in any given spot.

So while the snow in and of itself was really exciting, it was doubly for me because it gave me the perfect opportunity to practice with my new camera!! I’ve had it for nearly a month, but with the off-season, weather, and my own personal health battles, I just haven’t gotten the chance to use it in natural light. And let me tell you, the images did not disappoint! After little-to-no practice with this camera, these photos turned out amazing! I am SO excited for Wes and Emma’s wedding next month!

For now, enjoy some photos from our snowday!

Bridgewater is such a neat community. I love the architecture and the landscape. Especially when it’s covered in snow! Loved how the pond was frozen!

Here’s our funny story for the day. Since we live in a condominium community, the HOA takes care of the “yard” work. So when it snows, they come and shovel the sidewalks. Well yesterday, Matt looked out our window and saw that everyone elses path had been shoveled except ours! Haha. Because we don’t have a shovel, Matt took a spare piece of wood and “shoveled” the snow away.

Look at how sharp these photos are! SO excited for this year!

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