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2014 Caribbean Vacation: Jamaica

The first port day on our cruise was Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

We woke up to an amazingly gorgeous view of lush, green mountains and beautiful, clear blue water. Ocho Rios was going to be our more relaxing port day. We had planned a shorter excursion and then we had time to roam around the city before needing to be back on the ship.

The first stop on our excursion was the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is a
cavern that has been flooded with water. It was really beautiful.
Because it was a cave, the pool was lined with rocks, which meant that
the water was super blue and not murky.

I took my Nikon D5000 to the Blue Hole, and our tour guide didn’t really know how to use it. Haha. He did manage to capture a few pictures of us, even if they are super close up. 

Along with my D5000, we brought a GoPro with us. Here’s a really cool example of the same scene with two different cameras/perspectives. The one on the left is with the ultra wide angle with the GoPro and the one of the right is taken with my crop sensor camera at 35mm. 

I’m a fan of the wide angle. Maybe I should invest in a wide angled lens sometime? Haha.

Our guide showed us “the back massager” He would climb into the water stream and block the water from hitting us as we sat down. Then we’d sit, he’d move, and our backs would then be massaged with the rushing water. Haha.

Matt took this picture, which seriously makes me laugh. To protect my camera from the water, I purchased a waterproof camera case. The bag worked very well, but I just looked ridiculous holding it up to my face!

At the Blue Hole, we got to jump off small cliffs into the water! There are lots of good video footage that we’ll share down the road!

Underneath the large waterfall, there was a cave. But to get to it you had to fit through his little hole on your stomach. Then you’d come out the bottom in the water. After watching Matt and Billy struggle to get in, Brynne and I decided to sit that one out. Haha. Seriously though, Billy looks like he’s in pain!

Then we got to do the rope swing! 

Our second stop was the White River. This stop was much more relaxing than the Blue Hole because we were just tubing down the river and taking in the scenery. 

Another GoPro shot by Matt. He’s got such a good eye!

But you just can’t get this bokeh with the GoPro. I’m so glad I brought my DSLR!

After our trip down the river, we stopped for some famous jerk chicken! It was soooo good!

Plus, these flowers at the restaurant were really pretty.

Then we spent some time walking around the town to get back to the ship. 

What a fun day! After seeing Ocho Rios, we definitely want to make our way back to Jamaica one day.

Our next stop will be on the blog Friday: Cozumel, Mexico!

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