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2014 Caribbean Vacation: Cozumel Mexico

While it may seem like Cozumel was our second port, it was actually supposed to be our third. The cruise had planned 3 port days: Ocho Rios, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. Unfortunately with cruise ships, you always have the risk of not being able to port. On our Costa Maya port day, the wind was super strong. I think the captain said around 35 knots. They tried to port, but simply couldn’t do it safely. The ship rocking actually woke me up that morning as they were attempting to port. It was rough. So the captain and corporate decided that it was best for everyone involved to cancel the port request and to spend an additional day at sea.

We were super bummed because we had planned a Mayan excursion, but we know that the crew has to put safety first. And we actually really appreciate that! All the tours are aware of the risk and all money is refundable if your ship doesn’t port, so we were thankful for that as well!

However, we were able to make our port in Cozumel!

Our day in Cozumel was definitely fun, comical, and adventurous!

We had planned one major excursion for the day: SCUBA diving! None of us had ever been SCUBA diving before (other than Matt in a pool for boy scouts), so we were all really excited! We were able to schedule a 2 dive trip with Cozumel H2O.

It started with a boat ride. This boat was much smaller than what we had been used to with our large cruise ship.

This is Miguel, our SCUBA instructor. We were the only SCUBA divers on our trip, the others were snorkeling, so we had Miguel all to ourselves. Haha.

Miguel gave us a short physics/safety course on the boat. We put on our wetsuits, weight belts, tanks, masks, and fins. Then we went to a shallow area just above our heads to learn some basics like how to find your mouth-piece if gets away from your mouth, how to get water out of your mask, and how to just breathe normally through the regulator.

After our lesson, we went to our first diving area. The first reef wasn’t very far from our practice area so the boat moved very slowly. As we were slowly moving, the ocean waves were rocking it back and forth. I felt myself getting sicker and sicker. I knew that if we just got under the water I would be fine, but that didn’t come quite soon enough.

If you are squeamish at all you might not want to read the next few paragraphs. Haha. It’s not graphic at all, but may be too much information for you. 

We made it into the ocean, but did you know that being on the water’s surface is worse than being on the boat? And it’s there on the surface that my breakfast was no longer in my stomach. Poor Brynne was trying to make sure I was ok as she swam away from my sickness. Haha.

Miguel came over to make sure I was alright and to tell me that if I needed to continue throwing up to do so through my regulator. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that because as soon as I got underneath the waves, I felt a million times better! As you can tell from the picture below. Haha.

The hardest part of SCUBA diving, aside from seasickness, was the equalizing. As you get deeper, you have to equalize the air in your sinuses/ears. Have you ever gone to the bottom of a deeper swimming poor (10-12 feet) and felt your ears hurting a bit? That’s what I’m talking about. You have to take your time as you go down and make sure you aren’t pushing your boundaries because it can cause some serious damage to your ears. It took me and Brynne awhile to get down, but Billy and Matt had no  problems. Haha.

And I have to give credit to Matt for taking all these underwater photos. I was too concerned with just surviving under the water, so he took the photographer roll. And I have to admit, he did a fantastic job!

 For the most part the fish didn’t mess with us, they just swam on their merry way. But Billy was run over by a whole school of fish! I didn’t witness this, but these pictures are hilarious.

The reef was just so cool. These things live underwater?! And these aren’t “plants” they are actually living, breathing things. It’s so crazy.

We also have video of seeing different wildlife. First, we saw a sea turtle! That was really cool. Later underneath a rock, we saw a lobster and an EEL fighting. It was crazy! The eel looked really creepy. We kept a safe distance away and I think we actually scared the eel away because he bolted away from us, but not after opening its mouth to show us his jaw power. Crazy! But super cool!

Underwater selfie? I don’t know if Matt knew he was taking a picture or not, but this one cracks me up. Hahaha. This is us heading up to the surface to get back in the boat.

Unfortunately once we were back on the surface, the sea sickness set in again. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything else left in my stomach to throw up, so I just felt nauseous and dizzy. I didn’t realize this before our first dive, but Brynne was feeling seasick too. So we were both not doing great.

Brynne, don’t hate me for showing this picture, but it’s so funny and really captures how we were feeling. Thanks Matt for capturing it for us :P.

During this time they were also serving snacks. Fresh fruit that looked absolutely refreshing and delicious as well as chocolate cake and cheesecake. All things that I LOVE. But I was just too sick, and I knew that if I did eat anything it would just come back up. So we just chilled out until our next dive.

Our second dive was at the Santa Rosa wall. This was the dive we had been most excited about because the wall is famous for it’s beauty. It was time to go down again! I was quite thankful to get off the boat and down under the water again!

I don’t know if Matt was envisioning this when he took it, but this is gorgeous!

The snorkelers were above us. I’m so glad we did SCUBA because you wouldn’t have been able to see nearly as much that far up.

The Santa Rosa wall is literally a drop off. It was crazy watching this wall fall into a blue abyss. It reminded me of the scene in Finding Nemo where the children were daring each other to “touch the butt”. Hahaha.

Each dive was about 40 minutes. The water was really warm, around 84 degrees. But our hands were super pruney!

At the Santa Rosa wall, we saw a line fish. We have a video of our guide going up to it and touching it, making it puff up. It looked so cool! I didn’t know until after that it was a poisonous fish, so I was able to simply enjoy looking at it without being scared! Haha.

The wildlife here was also really neat! I mean all these living organisms are so neat.

Our lowest depth was about 44 feet. That’s crazy! But I don’t know if I’d want to go any deeper. Haha.

The ride back to the dock was much better because we were moving fast and not feeling the waves hitting us, so I was able to pick up my camera and take a few pictures as well as get a photo of Matt and I on the boat.

Once we were back on land, my stomach started growling. I was starving! So we took a taxi ride back to the port area and spent a few hours walking the streets and finding a good restaurant.

The town was so colorful! I loved that about Cozumel!

We found this restaurant a little ways off the main street and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Such delicious food! And we got to sit on the second floor, open air area.

Our meals started with a cilantro/lime noodle soup.

And then we got our main meals. Everything was fresh and delicious.

And then we took our time walking back to the ship. So colorful!

Our time in Cozumel was a blast! I’d love to go back to Mexico some day. And since our Mayan excursion was cancelled, we almost have to! Haha. Or that’s at least what I tell Matt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our vacation photos! Have a great weekend!

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